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Be wise and recycle

Be wise and recycle

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Whenever we talk about recycling, it can sometimes sound as if we are giving away our unwanted goods for free, but that's doesn’t always have to be the case. Although most of us end up giving away old clothes and shoes to charities, we can always use Facebook market place to sell them. Additionally, there are many other household items which can be recycled for cash rather than putting them straight into the tip, these are items that we tend to believe that they hold no monetary value . Once I threw a laptop away as it didn't turn on, but now, I wonder if I could have made some money by recycling it via selling it to one of the online recycling companies. 

Recently I had a bit of a clear out and found 3 old mobile phones, 200+ DVDs and an old PlayStation one! These were all put away and forgotten items which haven't been used in months (some years). So I decided to sell them. Here is how much I managed to make.

  • Broken iPhone 7 £80

  • Working iPhone 6 £84

  • Old Samsung s6 £60

  • Over 200 DVDs25 Gaming DVDs £15

  • Sony PlayStation one £20

I made £249 with little effort.

When I was conducting my research on how to sell them, I was surprised to find out how these gadgets lose their value over time, but at the same time I could have made more money if I sold them as soon as I didn't need them. Also, I wasn’t aware of how easy it would be. I am not an eBay savvy person, thus, I didn't want to sell and post the items individually.

If you own any of these items, I would definitely recommend on selling them.. My research revealed that the best place to sell your mobile phones is via an online recycling company, where for example, you can sell an old Samsung s6 or sell a Samsung J3. But make sure you remove all your personal details before you send them your devices! It's easy,  most of the companies even show you how to delete your personal information from your old mobile phones on their website.

To sell the PlayStation I managed to find another company through simple research on Google and managed to sell it, but I did receive less than what I was expecting. With regards to the DVDs, I managed to sell them through the Facebook market place. It was that simple - making £249 with minimal effort.

Above the fact that I made money from recycling my unwanted goods, I also really appreciate that I Was able to recycle these items, rather than throwing them in the rubbish.

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