Aquascutum Wish List


I work from home, which means I get the best of both worlds when it comes to what I wear for work. I attend conference calls in my comfy jeans, or even my PJs. But I also travel on business nationally and internationally a few years a time, and so, I also get the opportunity to dress like a successful business woman. 

During my most recent business trip I made a promise to myself to refresh my business attire. It's my favourite shopping experience. Why? because, I get to treat myself to fabulous new pieces that I can wear that gives me an identity other than being just a mum.

I've been window shopping and put together the below wish list from Aquascutum.

I love the understated elegance and quality tailoring of Aquascutum - a true authentic British luxury.

My wish list features one of their gorgeous trench coats in navy - a trench coat is a versatile must have. I love to wear a bag that adds a splash out colour to my outfit, thus, I picked out this gorgeous Origami red bag, and a sheer scarf that matches nicely with it - along with a beautiful skirt and sweater: