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When a new combi boiler is needed

When a new combi boiler is needed

2016 was all about the extension for us. We added an extension on the back of the house, moved the living room into the new extension and with the old living room, we partitioned it into two halves which become our utility room and new dining room. 2017 sees our house renovations continue, where we plan on converting the garage into a play-room for the kids and probably most importantly, to replace the boiler.

We currently have a system boiler, which includes an electric thermal storage boilermate upstairs, and a gas boiler, downstairs.

The system has over the past couple of years broken down a few times, 12 years old now, and it's cost us a fair bit in repair costs - especially last year as it needed a new circuit. Also considering the system is not cost or energy efficient.

We want to change to a combi boiler, which will be much more cost and energy efficient for us. In addition, it will save us space in the house. We can remove the thermal storage boilermate and that will give us a spare cupboard upstairs, which we plan to make into Summer's wardrobe.  Her bedroom is the smallest and she has a cabin bed, and that is it, that's pretty much all you can fit in her snug little bedroom. But the thermal storage boilermate in situated in a cupboard directly next door to her bedroom and when we free this up by removing the thermal storage, it would be perfect for her wardrobe.

The gas boiler is currently in the kitchen, and we plan to remove this too and to have the new combi boiler installed in our new utility room, giving us extra space in the kitchen too.

The boiler we will buy from hubbys work (staff discount will come in handy), however, we will need to organise a good heating and plumbing services. Installation of the new combi boiler, of course, must be done by a qualified and certified boiler installation engineers. And so, our hunt for a good reliable local installer will commence very soon. 

There are many ways to find a certified engineer, by word of mouth, internet search, local newspaper ads or an engineer you've used before. We will collect a few quotes and finally, review any feedback or references based on their service.

The plan being we will have a new boiler fitted this year, before the new winter, a boiler that will be under warranty and will give us piece of mind that it won't break down - it will also be cheaper to run, thus, saving us money in the long run.

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