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5 Myths of Juice Cleansing

5 Myths of Juice Cleansing

Juicing and juice cleansing are subjects which have led to various myths, especially online. You might have read that juice cleansing is very nutritionally beneficial; however, we should still be careful not to over-simplify the matter. How can you tell what's true and what isn't?

In this article, we tackle a few myths if you are considering using juice cleansing in an attempt to get your health back into gear. It's crucial that you make an informed decision. 

"I can use my Vitamix blender to make juice"

If you have a Vitamix blender, you might have bought into the hype about its supposed ability to blend pretty much anything. However, we would stop short of suggesting that it can make juice.

Much of the confusion might have arisen from the tendency of many people to blend fruit and vegetables and call the result a "morning juice". However, it would be more accurately described as a smoothie, as the blender would keep the fiberintact, unlike a juicer, says Care2

"I should choose smoothies over juice, they have more fiber"

Yes, smoothies are beneficial for their fibercontent. All the same, you shouldn't act as though you need to choose strictly either a smoothie or juice - rather than sip both and enjoy benefits of both.

As juice is devoid of fiber, the nutrients immediately enter the bloodstream as the juice is consumed. Those nutrients don't need to be digested, whereas smoothies do. Juice can be an energizingsupplement to smoothies - and you can enjoy both on a juicing retreat

"Juice cleansing is daft - my digestive system doesn't have to rest!"

It has been argued that forgoing solid food for several days is silly because the digestive system doesn't need to be given time off. However, the truth is somewhere between this and what juice advocates claim about juice cleansing supposedly being able to give the system a worthwhile break.

While the digestive system can indeed simultaneously digest and detox, juice cleansing can still supply us with plant foods that would help the liver to detox.

"Bottled juices are just as nutritional as fresh juice"

Due to the manner in which they can be stored, you might consider bottled juices a more practical alternative to fresh juice. However, unless fresh juice is cold-pressed in a vacuum and completely deprived of oxygen, it will immediately start disintegrating as a result of oxidation.

Therefore, it would be ideal for you to drink juice as soon as it is made. That way, you can get more out of the vitamins, antioxidants and minerals inside.

"Juice cleansing is effective for everyone"

Despite the merits of juice cleansing, it isn't recommendedin every scenario. In an article for Observer, clinical nutritionist Dr.Josh Ax warns that, for some people, "juicing doesn't actuallyincrease their calorie and sugar intake, and it can lead to blood sugar swings."

Writing for My Body + Soul, Dr Evelyn Reich advises that you "check with your doctor" before starting a juice cleanse.

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