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3 Secret Selfie Tips That Will Change The Game

Taking the perfect selfie seems to be something that the Kardashians and similar public figures have mastered. However, it can take time for us mere mortals to get down. With the right tips, you can transform a mediocre selfie into something spectacular - maybe even something that gets hundreds of likes! Here are a few tips you need to know for this to happen:

Take It From A High Angle

The most flattering pictures are always taken from a high angle. This doesn’t need to be ridiculously high; just high enough to slim the face and flatter you. Practice taking from a higher angle and see how you like it.

Use A Selfie Light

Sometimes, it’s not you. It’s the lighting! Natural lighting and artificial lighting can change your selfie. Investing in a selfie light means you have a special light you can clip to your phone so that it’s perfect, wherever you may be. Perfect for night’s out and when you’re away from home, or even when you just want to up your game.

Choose Your Background Carefully

If your background is too distracting, you’re not going to take that ‘wow’ selfie that you really want to master. Choose your background carefully. It shouldn’t be too distracting, and should even enhance the picture if possible. You could take it against a block colour background, or even something with a subtle pattern.

If you love these selfie tips, you’re going to love all of the tips in the infographic below. You’ll never feel bad about a selfie you take ever again!

Credit to MyTrendyPhone
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