The Power of Cuteness - Kitten Kollege

I love cats. The first thing I bought when I moved out of home and got my own place, was a cat. I'd wanted one since I was a kid, but was never allowed. That was a long time since ago and my girls are now 19 years old! 

Kittens are totally adorable, fun and mischievous. Our fur babies are only small for such a short time, then they turn into lovable adults. Getting a kitten is a big responsibility, but so totally worth it, they give so much love and joy. But, there are many things you will need to consider. 

Whiskers have made a series of very cute videos entitled Kitten Kollege. The videos are designed to give kitten owners a little help looking after their furry little friend. The videos are fun and full of helpful facts and information. Did you know that meowing by your cat will occur less often as they get older? They will also Purr when they're happy or comforting themselves and hiss when being defensive.