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Euro 2016 fun continues without England

After England’s humiliation against Iceland you may have lost interest in Euro 2016, but you shouldn’t have. There is still a British interest with Wales going strong, as well as the chance to watch some formidable sides such as Germany, Italy and France. Plus, now we are out you can cheer on Iceland, the underdogs, as they try and compete with some of the stellar footballing countries despite only having a population the same size as Leicester, it really is fairy-tale stuff. Now the big games will be coming thick and fast and we have many ideas for how you can enjoy them.

Firstly, the remainder of the tournament will be played with later kick-offs, so there’s no need to worry about getting time of work like when England played Wales. On that day, Bedstar had given you the perfect guide to pulling a sickie and getting the day off work and whilst that’s not needed you could still turn to them for a way to enjoy the Euro’s. What better way than watching on one of their TV Beds. The TV pops out of the bottom of the bed and it will feel natural, comfortable and easy to watch the football from your own bed. Even though the idea of being wrapped up nice and warm and relaxed in bed watching the football is appealing there are also many other ways we can enjoy Euro 2016.

It involves getting your family and friends involved. Even though the weather is unpredictable, why not plan for a barbecue. Sun, food, beers and football, you will certainly be keeping a lot of people happy! If the weather fails those plans then why not some finger-food as you all can sit, chat and enjoy the football. That way, even if we get another Portugal, Croatia game that bores us all to sleep, then at least you can chat to your friends! Of course, if you don’t need the hassle of preparing everything and cleaning the house up for guests then why not head down to the local pub, particularly when Wales are playing as their might be a bit of an atmosphere with the British rivalry, especially after Wales players were caught celebrating England’s exit. Again you could incorporate it with a meal, so you could take all the family out, even if some aren’t too interested in the result. If spending around two hours watching football with your family isn’t appealing then you could always stay at home and enjoy a quiet night on the sofa, feet up and watch as the drama unfolds.

Whatever you choose, there are many ways to watch the remainder of Euro 2016 and for some it will be the last football fix for a month until the Premier League comes round, so why not enjoy it in style. Whether it’s from your own TV bed, or having a gathering of all your close ones, just because England are out, the Euro 2016 fun can still continue.

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