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HC Slingsby: True British business heritage

Apart from my family and my blog, business is another passion of mine.  I studied business and work in business. My job for the past 8 years is working in a B2B environment. Thus, this post is a little different from my other posts, but it's a subject I find interesting.

The lure of true British business heritage can vary from sector to sector, with some industries and companies relying more on trust and familiarity such as HC Slingsby. Especially in an age where technology companies are the babies of business, but lead in many ways.

Businesses with a long history that embrace their heritage is a powerful tool that can be used to generate, or rather regenerate loyalty for a business. True British businesses that have a rich heritage can use their legacy to generate strong emotional connects about value and performance in consumers minds. Nostalgia is a positive reflection.

From humble beginnings in 1893 HC Slingsby have been on a journey where they are considered to be a highly trusted true British business with the heritage to back it up.

It all started in Bradford in 1883 with Harry Crowther Slingsby, where he originally worked for his family’s company, Wholesale Bottlers. As he worked, he began considering what he could use as labour-saving devices to help haul raw materials and make the lives of employees easier. Thus, a decade later HC Slingsby was born. 

They started out as a manufacturer of labour saving trucks and trolleys and now we are one of the UK's market leaders in the distance selling of industrial and commercial equipment. They currently manufacture and distribute over 35,000 high-quality products covering everything for the workplace; from handling and lifting and premises equipment to retail and office supplies.

HC Slingsby hasn’t forgotten Harry Crowther Slingsby’s commitment to family though — there are still members of the Slingsby family on the company’s Board of Directors.

HC Slingsby are a business that proudly flaunts their heritage. And, so they should, it shows that they have knowledge and expertise within their industry.



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