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How blu e-Cigs have helped us spend more quality time with loved ones indoors

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The history of smoking dates back to BC in the Americas where they smoked pipes, and over the years spread through the world.  Fast forward to the 21st Century where smoking and technology came together, electronic cigarettes (e-cigs) were invented. e-cigs are now enjoyed just as much as the traditional forms of smoking.

One of my first memories of experiencing a smoker as a child is of my grandad sitting in his chair smoking his pipe, relaxing and always in deep thought. Whenever I think of my grandad this is a memory that pops into my head, along with his warm deep laugh.

My hubby is what you call a social smoker, he mostly only smokes when having a few drinks with friends and family. This is when and where he enjoys a smoke using an e-cig. And with the advantages of using blu eCigs it allows them to relax and continue the conversation indoors without having to feel they must go outside. They can stay in the warm without having to be unsociable and pop outside, they continue the conversation / fun whilst enjoying a smoke.

Enjoying a blu eCig is a sublime experience of sitting, smoking, chatting and reflecting, it delights the senses. The emissions are minimally invasive and the smell can be pleasant, depending on what flavour you are using.

The blu PRO™ Kit comes with everything you need to get started smoking e-cigarettes. Our experience with the blu e-cigs unit is a reliable and one of decent quality. They offer a fairly authentic tobacco taste, plus a decent back-of-the throat hit that is appreciated and enjoyed. The availability of interesting flavours makes vaping with your e-cig more enjoyable.

We found it very easy to use, you simply unscrew the mouthpiece from the clearomiser, place the nozzle of the blu E-Liquid bottle inside wall of the clearomiser and squeeze the bottle gently. Re-assemble and you're good to go.

You charge the battery with the supplied USB charger. Once charged to turn it on, you simply just push the button 5 times in quick succession. The lights will flash 3 times to show it's switched on. Push and hold the button every time you want to vape. To turn if off, just push the button 5 times again. When using the blu eCig the triangle on the bottom of the unit will glow.

In terms of overall looks and quality, it is aesthetically pleasing - slim and sleek.

 The blu PRO Kit offers a great vaping experience, great value for money, feels good to hold, a great taste and a long battery life.

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