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Equity used for home improvements

This past year we've humed and harred over whether to sell and move, or stay where we are and extend.  In the end, due to the horrendous experience we had when we moved into our current home, I don't think I could do it again and move, thus, we decided to extend.  What went so bad last time we moved...  

Everything went okay on our side of the chain, and funny enough it wasn't even the solicitors fault, it was the people we were buying the house off! They hadn't even packed the day we exchanged contracts, thus, we were left homeless for a few hours, and our home moving company guys sat waiting, all day in the lorry.  Our solicitors had to make a few threats to their solicitor, and then early evening the people finally allowed us to start to move our items in around them moving out (they didn't have a moving van, they had a little van and done it in their cars). In the end, they were still moving out very late in the evening, and we agreed to let them leave their belongings in the garage for them to move their final belongins out over the weekend.

Now, normally I don't let things get on top of me, but with the stress and emotions of moving, on top of being homeless for a few hours, and then having to move our stuff into the house whilst their stuff was still in there, I fell apart. I had a panic attack, and it was just horrible. 

Based on this experience if I can avoid moving I will. hence, we made the decision to take some equity out and extend.   It was a simple and seamless process for us, we increased our mortgage to carry out the home improvements we want.  

But, what if you are older, and you need the money for home improvements but don't want to increase your outgoings.

For the older generation, undertaking home improvements are the most common use for money generated through equity release. Equity release schemes can be a sensible and practical way of releasing cash from your home if you are over 55. It allows you to receive the money from the value of your home without having to move out or pay it back during your lifetime.

It's a big step and decision, thus, it is recommendable that you always seek expert advice beforehand.

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