Here Are My Top Destination Picks For A Family Holiday This Year

Trying to figure out the best places to go on a family holiday is never easy. The kids in our house are all quite different ages which makes it a little more tricky. However, we’ve also got pets to think about, and work commitments too. I’m not sure we’ll be away for a proper holiday this year, but it hasn’t stopped me browsing a few travel brochures!

We’re quite lucky to have so many beautiful places in the UK to choose from. And staying in the country means we can get back pretty quickly. I’m not always keen to travel long distances with little ones. Small children can get bored and fidgety on road trips or on a long flight. I suppose it depends on their temperament how you cope with it. I can also get quite bored and fidgety although my Kindle is pretty good at keeping me occupied. Also, we have some pretty amazing places to go camping in the UK, and my son enjoys going camping with his mates. It is something we have talked about often doing but never got round to it. The first place I need to start though is getting the camping equipment, i.e. would be the perfect place to get us kitted up.

The whole of Europe is only a couple of hours away as well. There are definitely some places I wouldn’t mind seeing. The three boys are pretty active and adventurous. I think Norway in summer would be quite an ideal destination. There is plenty to see and do if you’re the outdoors type. And it’s all set in the most stunning landscapes. Who wouldn’t want to do some kayaking or hiking? I think a cycling holiday could be just the thing for my family.


I’m pretty sure the younger kids would love visiting Disneyland Paris. I like that it is so easy to get to. And there is always accommodation available. It’s not the cheapest family holiday, but I think it might be the most memorable! I’m not sure the eldest boys will be too keen at first, but plenty of Mums tell me their teenagers had a great time. It’s a good way to spend some quality time with each other too. I’d love to return to Cancun one day, but sadly, not this year.



When it comes to city stays, I always worry about keeping the family together on the busiest streets. I would love a city break, but I’m not sure it’s best for all the kids. However, you can’t really beat a holiday in a city for things to do. And there are always plenty of things you can do for free. I think that London is one of those cities where you can’t go wrong. Museums and iconic attractions are free to enjoy. Then there are all those great theme restaurants and excellent kids’ theatre activities to do in the holidays. Great fun.


I think holiday parks can be a great way for all the family to have fun together. Europe has plenty of destinations with a caravan, camping or even chalet accommodation. Some of them are on the coast so you can enjoy swimming in the sea. Others are in the woods so you can enjoy nature at its best. There’s something for everyone, and most of it are staffed and supervised so you can have a little break from the kids if you need it!


There are plenty of choices for the family this year. Perhaps we will find the time to get away for a few days. What are your plans this summer?