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Making Vacations With Kids Easier

Heading off on vacation with kids? Thought it sounded like a good idea at the time, but are now feeling quite stressed? Well, relax. There are certain ways to make holidaying with kids easier and more manageable. Read on for some ideas.



Take Time To Pack Right

Firstly, consider the basics you’d take anywhere. This goes for your clothes, your underwear and your shoes, for example. Then, consider your holiday essentials. This is stuff like allergy tablets and sun cream. You might also want to take shampoo and conditioner for hair that has been in the sea and sun all day. If you’re flying, check rules on how much you can take, and carry the items in a clear, ziploc bag.


Go Self Catered

Staying in a hotel might seem like the best option for an easy holiday with kids, but think again. First of all, you have no control over the food served. Picky eaters or not, kids can get fussy when faced with foods they’re not familiar with. Furthermore, the hotel you pick is likely to be over-run with other people’s kids. This doesn’t make for a very calming environment.

Instead, consider a villa. They come with kitchens and all the necessary equipment, so you can feed the kids yourself. If you want to be a bit more cut-off, they can give you this too. Or, if you want the kids to have some other children to play with, get a villa in a complex. This means privacy while still having other families around. France is a great option, as it is generally very safe, has a reliable climate and amazing food! These villas are some of the best that France can offer.


Plan Activities Beforehand

Once you arrive at your destination, phone signal and internet connection might be weak, expensive or both! Plan things to do with the kids before you leave home. Look up local tourist spots, theme parks and day trips. Also make a note of opening times and prices. Finally, save an image of the route you’ll need to take. This can help you direct taxi drivers or bus drivers if you’re not fluent in the local language. Arrange some back-up ideas as well, just in case anything is unexpectedly shut.


Take Medicine With You

Once again, if language might provide a barrier, be sure to take your medicines with you. This goes for both you and the children. If you’re poorly you won’t be able to look after them properly. If they’re sick, you’ll want to look after them with the medicines both you and they trust. Take things for all eventualities, from colds to cold sores.


Pack Entertainment

If you have kids that love to read, make sure you take enough books to keep them entertained for the entire time you are away. Also take things like colouring books and games for the beach or by the pool. If you have tablets, pack those with their chargers. Don’t forgot adapters too.

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