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Keeping Your Home Safe Whilst You Go Away

Keeping Your Home Safe Whilst You Go Away

Each time you go on holiday and leave your home, it becomes vulnerable to thieves.

We've been lucky enough to have family members temporarily move in and look after our home every time we go away, but, there are many people that don't have that option available to them.

When you go away, you want your home to feel safe; as I tell my kids 'home is the safest place in the world' and so it should be.  

There are steps you can take to help make your home feel safer and put off burglars. Some of these steps can also help keep down the cost of your house insurance.

Lock all windows and doors.

Always check the windows and doors of your home to make sure they shut and locked properly and that they are secure.

Secure the garden

Make sure all your valuables are locked away securely: bikes, and tools – make sure the ladder is put away, so a bugler cannot use it to his advantage.  And, make sure the gate is shut and locked.

Motion detector lights

Install motion detector lights to deter the burglars. Above the garage, on the shed, in the back garden etc. 

Install a monitored home security system.

With today's technology, you can install a home system that allows you to remotely access your home security via your phone. You can even use your device to lock/unlock doors via security cameras. 

Talk to your neighbours/family

Ask a neighbor and/or family member to watch your home and report any suspicious activity. 

Protect your possessions

Insurance gives you the safety net of covering your possessions. If you go for the cheapest home insurance then make sure it covers everything you need it to.

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