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Smiggle Shopping Haul VLOG

Smiggle Shopping Haul VLOG

Last month Jacob and I were invited to come along to our nearest Smiggle store, to meet the staff and get to learn about the product's they sell - and the best part, we were invited to fill a basket of goodies of our choice.  And, we Vlogged our whole experience.

As you can imagine, Jacob had a whale of a time in store.

Smiggle have an amazing array of colorful, fun, exciting and pretty-cool unique products - from scented pens, to super cool pencil cases, to miniature basket ball nets and so much more! My favorite was the fold-up water bottles, Jacob's favorite was the large, colorful slinky.  

Smiggle items would make some amazing presents, perfect for Christmas - stocking fillers, etc.

Below is our video, I hope you enjoy it - in the video we take you through our experience in store, and when we get back home Jacob shows you all the goodies he got:

Thank you to Smiggle's for a great experience.