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Applying for a Passport for a child under a Special Guardianship Order

We are going on holiday soon and I had to renew a couple of our passports, but for Summer we are applying for her first passport. We booked our holiday in April, and started the passport applications in April. As her special guardians, I knew it was not going to be so straight forward, so I read as much information as I could from other guardian experiences. After reading lots of advice and tips I rang the passport office and asked for their advice.

2 Years on Since Becoming Guardian's

Just 5 months old, her hair hadn't grown yet, she had lovely blue eyes, a big smile and she was very close to her foster carer. She was a baby who ended up in foster care near the start of her life, no fault of her own, just her parents couldn't or wouldn't put her needs in front of their own, she is my baby step-granddaughter.

How important are cuddles with a child? Is it one of the most important things you can do with your child? 

Research on infant attachment and bonding recognises cuddles are critical to a child's development, and maintaining that bonding helps build important neural pathways in the brain, as there are hormones released from the baby when you cuddle them and that's why when they are crying and you cuddle them and they soothe, they're calm and that's why it's so important. It also gives infants a sense of security and trust.

Nearly one month ago we heard heart breaking news for Summer, her Mum had left! When we first heard the rumours that Summer's mum was moving away, very far away - my first natural thought was surely not, surely she would not leave her daughter and walk out of her life, unfortunately that silent thought of hope was short-lived.