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2 Years on Since Becoming Guardian's

2 Years on Since Becoming Guardian's

Just 5 months old, her hair hadn't grown yet, she had lovely blue eyes, a big smile and she was very close to her foster carer. She was a baby who ended up in foster care near the start of her life, no fault of her own, just her parents couldn't or wouldn't put her needs in front of their own, she is my baby step-granddaughter.

It's been 2 years since our little princess came to live with us, the transition from living with her foster carer to moving in with us was a slow process. We had to go spend time with her each day, slowly handing her over to come live with us, her new home, her now home, her forever home.

Although we are her grandparents, she's embraced and accepted us fully, our love, our commitment, and our family. She's changed our lives, it has been hard along the way, different and more complicated than it was bringing our boys up, but every day and every time I see her beautiful face, her infectious smile, it melts away any problems, she is worth it.

Her personality is strong, she is a force of nature, she won't be left out, she makes sure she is heard, and she is one determined little girl - she is also very bright and giving.

She tells us how much she loves me and hubby, she clings to us with pure love, she tells me "mummy you are my best friend". She refuses to call me nanny, her choice, and I won't make her feel bad for that, if she wants to call me mummy and hubby daddy, then she can - simple as that.

It's not just my hubby and my heart she has in her grasp, she's also stole her three uncles hearts, our three boys. Each one of the boys has a special and close relationship with her and I love seeing it - I feel lucky and I feel blessed. With Jacob, closest in age, they play and fight like siblings, they laugh and the cry. Then with Lewis a few years older, but his soft nature she warms to, he plays with her, he gives her piggy back rides, they laugh, lots of laughter. Then there is Liam, the oldest, a teenager, but she has him wrapped around her little fingers, he spends time with her, he gives her attention, he drinks her pretend cup of teas she makes, and they cuddle; and she tells each one she loves them. 

They would do anything for her and she looks out for them, she misses them when they are not here and at school, she bosses them around, but she adores each one, she sees them as her three brothers, and that is what they are, metaphorically.

Yes, we are not your typical family unit, but you wouldn't notice it on the outside, no-one does, they see 4 children, growing up together in a happy and loved house.

I feel very lucky.

Applying for a Passport for a child under a Special Guardianship Order

Applying for a Passport for a child under a Special Guardianship Order