Zoomer Hedgiez


It's not long until Christmas! I enjoy buying the toys and gifts for the kids, the wrapping up.... and then the big day.  But when shopping I always find there are many toys to choose from, far too many! It can be a challenge, what to get, what not to get.

This is why I enjoy reviewing toys, as we get to discover and experience some pretty cool stuff. The latest cool toy were have been trying out is Zoomer Hedgiez - which Summer absolutely loves, she plays with it every day. 

Zoomer Hedgiez is a super cute and cuddly interactive toy. He's made from a hard base, but with soft fluffy fur. The soft fur is multi shades of purple, with bits of blue - he is very bright and colourful.  A comb is included, so you can comb his soft hair.

It's easy to get going, you switch him on and he will start to move and interact with you. He rolls forward, talks to you, sings, laughs when you tickle his tummy and goes to sleep if not played with for a while. Press his nose and he will wiggle, whistle, blow you a kiss, and other cute sounds

Summer loves playing with him, she enjoys looking after him and petting him. He works well on carpet and on hard floor, and 4 AAA batteries are needed.

It's robust too, the kids have dropped him a few times, but he is still going strong. The dog likes to chase him around too.

With Christmas coming up, Zoomer Hedgiez would make a lovely gift for a child.  They are available in different colours: Blue, Pink. They each have a name, the purple one we had is called, Dizzy and they RRP around £39.99.

Zoomer 6031228 "Hedgiez" Electronic Toy
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