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Y Velo Balance Bike

Y Velo Balance Bike

We love taking the kids and dogs out for walks, and we lucky enough to live in a beautiful area. We are spoilt for choice on where to go, from the beach to the cliffs, and plenty of wooded areas, to the marshes and so much more.  Sometimes the kids like to bring their bikes or scooters so they can explore and have fun whilst whizzing around.

When we went for our latest weekend walk Summer wanted to take her new Y Velo Balance Bike. Since receiving it for review a couple of days ago, she has been practising on it inside the house and in the garden none stop, but she was super keen to take it outside the house where there is more room to whizz around.

A balance bike is designed to have no pedals or training wheels, but it does have just enough stability that will teach children how to balance on a bike on two wheels. Which is the fist crucial stage on learning to ride a bike.

The concept behind a balance bike is that instead of trying to learn to pedal, balance and brake all in one go, your child already has learnt the balance part perfectly for when they are ready for a pedal bike.

The child learns to balance by sitting on the balance bike and pushes themselves along with their feet. Quickly they will start to zoom around with both feet off the ground, learning how to steer and balance along the way - the perfect transition to a pedal bike. 

The Y Velo Balance Bike is lightweight but very well made. The frame is made from a strong aluminium, along with a chunky height adjustable padded seat, soft grip handles, and rubber over-mould wheels, so you won't get any punctures. Perfect for riding on uneven surfaces; great to practise on grass rather than concrete.

Y Velo Balance Bike from Yvolution which is suitable for children aged 3 and above. Available in different colours, you can purchase one at £49.99.

Although Summer gets frustrated with herself as she is trying to learn to balance on it, she thoroughly enjoys it, her confidence grows a little bit each time she uses it.

I am really impressed with the Y Velo Balance Bike, the look, feel and style is great quality, and it works very well.  

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