Wyke Farms Cheese

I love cheese. I'd picked cheese over chocolate any day. I always make sure there is cheese in my fridge - my dogs love it too.

The great thing about cheese is it is very versatile and can be enjoyed at any time; it can be a snack, added to a meal, added to lunch, as a dessert, or even breakfast. Cheese is the perfect sandwich filling or melted on a jacket potato.  My favourite party food snack is cheese and pineapple on the cocktail stick. I love cheese hot or cold, and It partners up perfectly with a nice glass of wine.

Although we eat cheese all year round, I'm super excited to the cheese boards we will be putting together this Christmas. Yummy.

Wyke Farms offer a range of different types of cheese and it's one of my favourite brands when it comes to a good quality cheddar cheese.  Mature, Extra Mature, Vintage are delicious. I also enjoy their smoked cheddar, which is perfect on crackers with pickle. 

Wyke Farms have a history of farming in Somerset for over 150 years, so they know a thing or two about cheese.