World Book Day with Pretend to Bee

World Book Day 2017 was celebrated on the 2nd of March, however, at Summer's and Jacob's school it was celebrated a day later, today, the 3rd March - really not sure why, but, still really pleased they got involved this year as previous years they haven't.

I'm a big bookie, always have been, I think I got it from my mum. And, I encourage my kids to read too.  Reading is great!

Jacob loves science, it's his favourite subject at school (although, he is in primary school and they don't do it a lot yet), and he loves to watch anything to do with science on YouTube etc. Thus, he wants to be a scientist when he is older, so what better way then to celebrate World Book Day, but to dress up as a scientist.

Pretend to Bee sent us their lovely Children's Lab Coat for review.

We finished the scientist look off with some props we bought from Amazon and I think he looks great. Jacob is really pleased with it too.

The coat is a lovely quality, nice and thick material, made with 100% polyester, with a velcro fastening.  What I really appreciated about the coat was the sizing was perfect, unlike other branded costumes that frustratingly come up small for their size, with Pretend To Bee's the sizing it on the slightly larger size - which is perfect.

It's a simple design, with the add props gives an effective look. RRP at just £11.95, its great value for money.

My little scientist, I think he looks so cute (don't tell him I said that!).

Really pleased with the outfit from Pretend to Bee, I would definitely order from them again! This coat will last years, Summer can wear it next. 

I'm looking forward to hear how their day got on. I bet they had loads of fun.

Did you school celebrate World Book Day this year?