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We Celebrated National Nail Polish Day With Num Noms!

We Celebrated National Nail Polish Day With Num Noms!


Summer loves getting her nails done, and she loves Num Noms, thus, the Num Noms Nail Polish Maker is the perfect activity for her. In fact, we had loads of fun doing it together, painting each others nails and be creative.

In the set it includes:

  • 3 empty, hard plastic polish bottles to fill
  • 1 bottle each of red, yellow and blue pigment
  • 1 bottle of glitter, and a bottle of the nailpolish base.
  • a little salon-type setup, with a mixing station
  • miniature fake nails and adhesive
  • Num Noms stickers for little nails

Num Noms Nail Polish Maker is great fun and very easy to use. You mix the various colors and scents to make your own custom nail polish. I had to help Summer, especially to squeeze out the colours, but, she gave it go and loved that I had to be just as much involved.

Overall, the nail polish maker is an activity that can be a fun parent/child experience. It’s not a toy and I won't be leaving it in her bedroom, but put away and it will come out on request and watched under supervision. 

As an activity, we had a good time; it also created an opportunity to work with learning concepts regarding colors.


We are saving the Num Noms nail stickers for a special occasion, they are cute little stickers of some favourite Num Noms and can be stuck on the plastic fake nails, or your own nails.  They are a cute little addition to the set.

Summer struggled to squeeze the mix out, thus, I had to help her.

We gave it a good ole mix.

We both loved the finish nail polish we made.  We made blue here, next one Summer wants to make a peach colour polish.

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