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Crayola Doodle Delirium

Crayola Doodle Delirium

When you hear 'Crayola' you instantly think 'crayons' - but now you can buy fun new Crayola board games - we love board games and were excited to receive Doodle Delirium for review.

This is a board game for 8+ years old and is a fun game to play, and played in teams.

Like most board games, you roll the dice and follow the board directions,  picking up and carrying out the challenge cards on your way. If your teammate correctly guesses your challenge you move to the coloured square of your card. If they don’t guess correctly then you stay where you are. When you arrive at the centre Doodle Delirium Zone you have to roll the dice twice and successfully complete 2 challenges against the timer - it's much more difficult than it sounds!

The game has four different coloured sets of cards divided into 4 creative challenges:

  • Scribble Riffles – you have to draw, a movie or a famous person or a song etc.
  • Paper Mash Ups – you have to use a piece of paper to rip and scrunch into making your challenge.
  • Model Madness – using the yellow clay to model your challenge - sometimes with just one hand.
  • Oodle Doodles – is doodling your challenge using pen and paper - sometimes with your eyes closed /using your opposite hand / taking another players hand and trying to draw.

Each challenge is up against a timer.

Some challenges are very difficult, this is definitely a game designed for older children, and not suitable fully for the younger children, unless of course, you adapt the game slightly and only play suitable creative challenges, i.e. the scribble or Oodie Dooies.

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