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My Top Tips To Help My Kids Feel Better When They Are Unwell #VicksTricks

My Top Tips To Help My Kids Feel Better When They Are Unwell #VicksTricks


Last week, leading up to half-term the kids were ill, one after the other. It wasn't very nice, I hate seeing them poorly - the kids feel like rubbish and I'm stressed out about them feeling like rubbish. I just want to make it better.

Family Psychologist Corinne Sweet highlights that “one of the most powerful antidotes to sickness developing further, is parental care and concern.” 

As a parent, I do my best to care for them and to make them feel comfortable and nurtured!  Lots and lots of TLC!

My top Tips to help my kids feel better when they are unwell are:

Sofa cuddles - when kids are poorly, they just want to lay up on the sofa with their pillow and quilt, and have lots of cuddles with mummy/daddy - it's the best medicine there is, right?!

Soups - Kids don't want to eat too much when they are poorly, or they can't eat most things when they have sore throats, soup is perfect for this  - the old wives' tale goes: chicken noodle soup actually can help soothe a cold. 

Read a book or two - pick up a book and snuggle up together for a read-aloud comfort time.

Kids movies - they can't do much when there unwell, so what better way than to snuggle up with a good movie. Comfort.

Laughter - they say laughter is the best medicine — and that’s particularly true for little ones - a few giggles by some silliness and jokes take the mind away from the aches and discomforts. 

Calpol - this goes without saying, Calpol works wonders with temperatures and aches/pains.

Woolly hats with ear flaps - I grew up with glue-ear, and my comfort for the pain was to cover my ears, which I did with ear muffs. But with my kids, I encourage woolly hats with ear flaps, its so much better and it gives them the comfort they seek. It 'protects' their ears and keeps them warm.' 

Vicks Vapour Rub - the 'go to' ointment that helps relieve congestion, sore throat and coughs due to colds.

I, like many others, grew up with the knowledge that Vicks VapoRub is a staple item in the medicine cabinet and trusted treatment to use in aid of healing colds and flu. It's renown for its vapours; the three most important ingredients camphor, menthol and eucalyptus oil, designed to relieve congestion and coughing.

Did you know it can help with a few other ailments too:

  • Helps clear congestion
  • helps with muscle aches
  • Help relieve headaches
  • Toenail fungus

Vicks believe that traditional love, fun and laughter are key to comfort your children when they aren’t feeling themselves. That’s why Vicks have developed a series of sharable #VicksTricks magic videos that are simple, easy and great fun to replicate! 

This post is an entry for the #VicksTricks campaign.

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