The Ultimate Camping Guide 2016 with Halfords


Growing up, I had many camping memories. 

We went camping a lot, all over the UK and Europe, we camped in the Black Forest of Germany, in Switzerland and a few times in France.  I loved it!

I have many camping memories and family stories that have been created due my parents love of caravanning and camping, and due to all their hard work (I am the oldest of 5). It all began for us when my brother started up BMXing as a hobby, and I started shortly after.  BMX became a big part of our life and every weekend we would travel around the UK to ride in BMX tournaments. We would pack-up and head to where ever the next tournament was, pitch up with fellow BMXing friends and their kids and have some pretty fantastic times.  

As a child, I always loved everything about the camping experience. There were always ups and downs. Plans that went awry. But, in the end, it was always a pretty awesome experience and I have some amazing memories.

We travelled to a few countries in Europe, pitched up in some amazing places - my favourite was the stunning turquoise lakes in Switzerland.  There’s a certain sense of freedom in camping and experience like no other. So what a travesty it is I have never taken my kids camping - and that is something I want to fix ASAP.

Since we got our Beagle last year we've spent most weekends discovering woodland, and country walks, and the beautiful outdoors - it's been lots of mini adventures and all the walking has renewed my love for the outdoors. Which in turn has ignited my desire for wanting to take the kids camping, to give them the camping adventure! But it has been a few years since I have been camping, so where do I start..

Halfords ‘The Ultimate Camping Guide’ is available to download for free from the Halford website.  The guide is designed to give you all the information you need to get started, from what gear you will need, tips and suggested campsite locations, a very helpful checklist on the back of the guide, and information about camping abroad.

There are some great beginner camping tips and some helpful tips on ways to entertain the kids. Preparation is always is key, thus, The Ultimate Camping Guide is the perfect starting point for people like me that want to start camping.