The Mischief and Magic Set

The iconic character, Sooty, from the much loved Sooty & Sweep show. He is back and this time he's up to some mischief and magic.

You can have fun creating your very own mischief and magic using this fun set. The set includes:

  • Sooty hand puppet, with magic wand which is attached to his hand.
  • colour changing hanky
  • whoopee cushion
  • A book of magic tricks

 This set is great for little budding magicians.

Jacob loved the whoopee cushion, the kids are in hysterics when laying these to catch people out. Or they have just as much fun sitting on it themselves and making the 'farting' noises.

The hanky is also fun. When you pretend to sneeze of cough, the hankies blows out and changes colour. 

The adorable Sooty hand puppet is well made and super cute. The kids use him to form part of the own magic show, and have lots of fun with it.

This set is a lovely set, which would make a great gift. It gives hours of entertainment and fun. Summer favourite is the hand puppet, whilst Jacob can't get enough of the whoopee cushion - it suits his mischievous personality.