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The Lost Words by Robert Macfarlane and Jackie Morris

The Lost Words by Robert Macfarlane and Jackie Morris

Robert Macfarlane and Jackie Morris joined forces to produce a simply beautiful book. A book about words; a celebration of nature words and the natural world they inspire.

It's a large hardback book, and within it, you find inspiration on the pages.

In the introduction is a beautiful argument for the need for words of nature, especially as we are just beginning to understand our decline from and neglect of the natural world and our responsibilities in and to it.

The following pages move on to the words, which are complemented with the stunning art - both delivered beautifully.

It's a delight to read and to share the reading and visual experience with my children, watching the wonder in their eyes and expressions - all done with the beautiful nature words and art, which is inspiring and broadening their minds. 

This book can be shared and enjoyed with the kids and adults.

The Lost Words is an extraordinary book. Beautiful to look at, to hold and most importantly, to read - which is best read aloud. This is a must-have book.

Why it's important that we take the time to inspire our children with these words?

A 2016 research paper by Cambridge University conservationists found that 8- to 11- year-old school children were ‘substantially better’ at identifying common Pokemon characters than common species of British wildlife. This is not surprising when a 2016 survey showed that three-quarters of British children spend less time outdoors than prisoners do. And while children’s knowledge and experience of nature is being lost, we’re also undergoing a drastic decline of species and habitat in the UK. 53% of species in the UK are in decline, but 52% of the British public are unaware of it.

Based on this, we need more than ever to inspire our children with rediscovering Lost Words.


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