Term Wellies

There are two items Summer loves to wear when we go for our walks, her wellies and her backpack. Her wellies, so she can jump in puddles, walk through mud and not worry about getting mucky socks/feet; her backpack, so she can carry her drink and a chocolate bar.

We spend a lot of time outdoors at weekends, walking in the forest, marshes or beach, puddle-jumping our way along the broads or the dykes. Also, Summer's school have 'bring your wellies day'. The school is surrounded by woods, and they take the children out on a woodland walk every Tuesday.

We were kindly sent these Pink Term Roll Top Wellies for review.  

Term wellies are thick, warm, pliable, fitted, well shaped in the foot and supportive. Summer finds them comfortable and she loves wearing them - they keep her feet dry. They offer a great grip, she can climb trees, gates and hay bales with no problems.

Term are a small UK company that have been selling children's shoes for 7 years.  They sell super designs and styles, that children will want to wear.  

Term Roll Top Wellies RRP £21.99 - I think they are great value for money.