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Superzings series 2 Review

Superzings series 2 Review


We’ve been sent the latest new series 2 for Superzings: Rivals of Kaboom.

SuperZings are collectable characters which are based on everyday generic objects and brought to life in a comic like fun theme. The collection has a hero vs. villain theme, each hero figure has a matching rival - 80 in total to collect, including an ultra-rare character, 2 gold and 6 silver.

From the series you can collect:

Starter pack £5.00 - includes a comic guidebook which lists all characters, as well as a story introducing them. Additionally, it comes with three characters and a special vehicle.

Blind bags 80p each - which includes one mystery character - will it be a villain or a hero?

Super jet boxes , £2.50 each - includes one character and a vehicle. These vehicles allow you to play with your characters in a fun imaginative way – motorbike, boat, helicopter and quad, eight super jets to collect in a variety of different colours. 

Hideout blind bags , £1.50 each - which includes one hideout and one character. The hideout has a sliding door and they are easily stackable, and great for storing your characters.

Blister pack £10.00 each - which contains two Hideouts, a Superblaster with three discs and four SuperZings. These packs are great for building your Superzing collection up!

The key character for series 2 is the extremely rare ‘Professor K’ - the inventor of ‘Krystaline’, a special substance that creates the SuperCrystal SuperZings, which Jacob was super lucky to find in one of his blind packs! To say he was pleased is an understatement - Professor K now proudly sits on display on the shelf.

Superzings is a highly collectable range. Jacob loved opening the blind bags and seeing what ones he got, and also noting what ones he needs (which he plans to do some swapsies with his mates). He also loves the added play value with the cars etc.

You can visit the www.superzings.com for some great Superzings downloads and activities on there - it’s too good to miss!.

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