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Uncle Milton - Star Wars Science - Force Lightning Energy Ball

Jacob loves science. It's his favourite lesson at school and he finds it really fascinates him - as a mum I love how it fascinates him too, it's great to see his enthusiasm.  He tells me that he is going to be a scientist when he is older.

Star Wars Force Lightning Energy Ball

The top base is 2 pieces that snap together around the base to form a collar as such, to make it look more with the Star Wars theme, however, we did find that it just keep falling apart, so we left it off in the end.

But the star of the product is the plasma ball.

The plasma ball is filled with noble gases with an electrical conductor in the middle. When left alone, the coloured light of the plasma filaments will flow basically randomly toward the surface of the ball. However, when you touch the ball, the plasma filaments will follow your touch to create colourful tendrils of light.

It's fun to play with, Jacob started off touching it with his fingers and then trying other things/objects to see if it would work, and then he was trying different body parts, like his tongue, his toes and his forehead etc.

It's safe to say he is simply fascinated by it! It's something that would bore me, but Jacob keeps it in his bedroom and will play with it quite often.

So that makes it pretty cool and I like how he loves it. 

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