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Spy Go Action Camera

Spy Go Action Camera


Spy and record anywhere with this portable surveillance camera - Spinmaster Spy Gear Spy Go Action Camera.

Jacob has wanted his own camera to play with for a while now, so he was super excited to receive the Spy Go Action Camera - especially with all the added extras (head strap and clip) as they allow him to be adventurous with his new Action Cam, and he loves it.

The Spy Go Action Camera is robust/durable and made for kids adventures. It features 3 camera modes: burst mode capture, single frame capture, and video capture mode. You can attach it anywhere with the included clip mount (attach to your bike) and head strap. It captures images and video - Records up to 15 minutes of video or takes up to 1500 photos. 

Unfortunately, there is no sound that lets you know if a picture was taken, there is no LED light to show you if it is recording or not- but apart from that, it is very easy to use.

Taking photos in low light, they don't come out so well, however, in a well-lit area, the photos are quite good. The photo burst is also a fun feature - especially when we are out on our weekend walks, Jacob can take some action shots.

To upload your video and/or photos you simply plug in the USB lead to your laptop and they transfer over. It is very easy to do!.

The battery and USB lead are both included.

The Spy Go Action Camera would make a great gift for any action-loving kids that want to take some action shots.

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