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SpongeMaster App


When the kids watch TV there are a small select few cartoons that I don't begrudge watching with the kids. One of them is Spongebob - who doesn't love Spongebob?! It's a positive, happy, fun cartoon, with a comedy edge, that gives you lots of laughter. You can't help but feel cheery after watching an episode.

We've been a Spongebob fan from the start. From when my 17 year old started watching it 10 years ago, to my youngest 7 year old son who watches it now. 

We love SpongeBob in this house. Bikini Bottom and its residents are addictively good. From Squirdward to tiny, evil Plankton, they’re all fantastic - my favourite is Sandy.

Download the SpongeMaster App and play all half term with Nickelodeon

For this week and next, during half-term, SpongeBob SquarePants have created a new App called SpongeMaster.  You can join in on the fun, playing the App game whilst watching the episodes of SpongeBob on Nickelodeon

Every day from 10am until 4pm, log into the SpongeMaster App and play along whilst watching SpongeBob on Nickelodeon, and you could be in for a chance to win some fantastic prizes.

The questions appear during SpongeBob episodes, and you have to answer them using the SpongeMaster App - easy as that! Answer all the questions correctly and your name could appear on TV, or you could win some awesome SpongeBob prizes - all prizes are sent from the Nickelodeon Store, Leicester Square.

You have up until the 24th February, so don't miss out.


*This is a paid collaborated post.

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