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Silver Sale Wish List

Silver Sale Wish List


Christmas isn't too far away. And, I still have an awful lot to buy. I tend to get the children's bits and pieces first, and then I move on to the adults of the family (I haven't finished the kids yet). When I do buy gifts I try and find items that they will use, and enjoy.  And, I think jewellery is perfect; something they can wear and enjoy and, that will last for years and years. 

Silver Sale, a jewellery company specialising in sterling silver jewellery. Silver Sale sources, designs, and curates contemporary jewellery collections that are high quality yet much more affordable than their competitors. They promise to typically sell their jewellery for 30-70% less than other jewellers of their standard.

Silver Sale have a website full of beautiful and unique pieces, perfect for Christmas. I've had a browse and put together a wish list of my favourite items (they have some lovely pieces, good value too):



Round Bangle in sterling silver, which can be personalised. £69.95. This is my favourite, I've wanted a bangle for quite a while now, and I think the bangle would make a lovely gift. I love how you can personalise it too.  Anyone can wear a bangle.

Diamon Feather Necklace in sterling silver, with each feather pendant adorned with a 1 point diamond. £39.00 and available in two sizes: standard and extra long. I love long necklaces, so I would go for the extra long (61cm), which costs £46.

Autumn Leaf Earrings in sterling silver, £30, these are gorgeous. The front of the earrings has a beautiful soft 'icing sugar' finish with a polished raised gentle curve running throughout. The reverse has a soft matte satin finish, which sparkles in the light.

Laurel Leaf Ring in sterling silver, £35. the leaves run right across the top of the silver ring and combine a polished and icing sugar white finish.  A girl can't have enough rings! 

Love Letter Locket in sterling silver, £28, the chain is available in 4 different sizes. This pendant is so lovely, it's unique and delightful. I love how you can slip your own love notes in the locket - how special is that?!

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