Schleich Farm World Starter Set

We received the Schleich Farm World Starter Set for review. This beautiful set of farm animals includes: a cow, a sheep, a donkey and a cockerel. 

We love Schleich toys, we have a few figures from a previous review and also from when my oldest two were little. The great thing about Schleich is they've kept in perfect condition after all these years.  The quality of each figure is amazing. Each piece is finely painted with all the features, which make them irresistible to kids (and adults) and they are very collectable.

Summer loves Schleich, she will spend hours creating little worlds, and scenes - they keep her occupied for hours, allowing her to use her imagination.

I enjoy watching her play with them, as the realistic animal figures from Schleich ignite her imagination and creativity. They offer a huge play value and hours of educational fun.

Schleich figures can be played with in many ways and scenarios - whether it be in the bath, or outside in a sandpit, or inside on the table, with her barbie dolls and so much more.

They feel good in the hand, are sturdy on their feet and stand perfectly, they look very authentic. I I love how the kids can engage, examine and explore closely all the tiny lifelike details with the animals they wouldn’t normally encounter.

This Farm World Starter set is beautiful and any child would love these.