Roblox Toys

Roblox was the game my now 17-year old played when he was a kid, on the Laptop - this was pre-tablets and gaming apps. Move forward a few years and now my youngest son plays it on his iPad via the Roblox app. It's great fun, you can create games and customize the characters, avatars, and so much more. 

Jacob was over the moon to receive the new action figures for review. He loves Roblox and he loves collecatlbe figures - a perfect combination.  The sets we received is a great starting point for his new collection.  There are over 40 figures to collect!

  • Work at a Pizza Action Figure RRP £12.99
  • Core Pack - Circuit breaker figure RRP £7.99
  • Collectible figure - blind pack RRP £3.99

They each have interchangeable parts. He’s had great fun putting together his own combinations. And, all the sets come with scratch codes for exclusive digital items that are playable within the game, which is a nice bonus.

With these figures you get to see what the Roblox character's look like and of course you get to play with them.

This guy game out of the blind pack - you can remove and put back on his hat, his headphones and he has interchangeable parts - legs/arms etc.

Work at a Pizza Place set, it includes miniature little pizza boxes, which slot into the back of his moped - pizza delivery! 

Circuit Breaker includes his cool sword and flag - he's one mean andriod machine.