Qwerkity Christmas Gift Guide for Teens Boys

Do you have teen boys and struggle to find gifts for them?

The two youngest (7 and 4) are easy to buy for, toys and gifts, no problem, however, for my two oldest (13 and 16), I find it much more challenging. They mainly request clothing, but I like to get other stuff too, some fun gadgets, something they will use and enjoy and maybe something that we can play with together. So what better site than Qwerkity to search and find those perfect gifts for teens?! (that are not boring clothes). 

I've put together a wish list for my two teens. these are items I would like to get them, items I know they will like and enjoy.




Remote-Controlled Battle Spiders £39.99.  Two battle spiders (orange and blue) come with their very own two-channel infrared remote controls. How cool are these? the boys will have some fun battling it out to see how will win.

Airpower Football £12.99. My boys love kicking a ball around, but it's not ideal to do in the house.. This airpower football would be perfect to kick around in the house (it doesn't bounce), they would love this.

Interactive Glow T-Shirt £19.99. Lewis would love this t-shirt, he loves anything unique and different. You can draw on it, it's washable - how fun is this?

PGA Tour Auto Return £34.99. Hubby takes the boys to golf, it's something they enjoy, and this would be a pretty cool present for them. I know they will both use it.

Personalised Sweet Tree - Malteser & Smarties £24.99. This would be perfect for Lewis, he loves chocolate. It's a fully edible Malteser and Smarties tree. Yummy. 

Qwerkity sell great gifts for all ages. If you are stuck, then you are sure to find something on their great website. They also have a good range of stocking-filler gifts. I love to get the boys each year and fill a stocking with small, fun, quirky gifts, so I will be ordering a few items I've seen for my stockings this year, as well as the items on my wish list.

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