Puppy In My Pocket

Puppy in My Pocket.

Summer's watched a few YouTube videos of Puppy in My Pocket, and when we were sent some for review, she was super excited.

Puppy In My Pocket are making a comeback - they've been around since the 90’s and has been a favourite collectable for many years. Each puppy has its own name and unique bio-based. They are super adorable and very collectable.

For this review we were sent:

Puppy in my Pocket Dog Carrier Mystery Pack - Each pack includes a dog carrier and a blind pack! Summer was super excited to open the blind pack - inside each pack is 2 puppies. She loved how she could keep and carry both the puppies inside the dog carrier.

Puppy In My Pocket Puppy Carrier Accessory pack  - The 8 piece set comes with 2 collectable pups, one puppy carrier, bed, blanket, double dish, a treat and a collector's checklist! There are three styles available to collect - pink, purple and teal. This pack was lovely, Summer loved putting all the pieces together and creating her play with the puppies.

This adorable Puppy In My Pocket Puppy Carrier Accessory Pack and blind pack offer everything you need for a fun weekend adventure away. There are over 100 puppies to collect and they are a great little collectable toy, one that will offer hours of fun - they also encourage imaginative play.

Kitty In My Pocket available now and Jungle In My Pocket coming later in the year.