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Project Mc2 Circuit Beats

Project Mc2 Circuit Beats

Circuit beats lets you create your own music!  

Project Mc2, an original Netflix series with a set of toys to match.  Project Mc2, a team of four super-smart and cool girls who use their love of science and their spy skills to go on missions for a secret organisation, NOV8 ('innovate'). 

We've reviewed the Project Mc2 dolls before, and Summer really enjoys playing with them. So when we  were recently sent the Project Mc2 Circuit Beats for review, we were super excited. Summer loves her dolls but she loves music too.

Circuit beats lets you create your own music!  It's easy to set-up  >

You connect each wire to the controller (make sure you push them in firmly). Then, the main wire you use for "grounding" connects to your finger tip.  You then connect the other wires to your objects. You can have fun and make music out of almost anything.

Banana piano? Carrot guitar? Flowerpot drums?

Once the wires are connected, tapping any of these objects will trigger the different sounds from the Circuit Beats cat ear speakers. 

There is also a record option that lets you record your own voice which you can play it back as music.

Included in the box is:

  • The circuit board with buttons to select from 5 different sound options: piano, drums, guitar, cat meows or record your own.
  • 7 funky colored wire clips to connect to objects you want to use to play music
  • Cat ear speaker headband to broadcast your beats
  • Sticker sheet to decorate
  • The batteries

How does it work?

By connecting the 'ground' wire on your finger tip, you are allowing for a return path for the electricity. By connecting the other wires to something that conducts electricity (i.e. a carrot) and tapping it with your finger from your other hand, you are completing the circuit and allowing electrons to flow through you, and you create music.  How cool is that? Summer loved it, she was fascinated by it.

It is great fun finding fruit, veg and other objects that we can connect to create music. 

Project Mc2 Circuit Beats offers unique and creative fun, it is also a way to encourage the kids to enjoy and further explore other STEM activities.

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