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PJ Masks Team Heroes Board Game from Ravensburger

PJ Masks Team Heroes Board Game from Ravensburger

We've been trying out the new Team of Heroes PJ Masks board game! 

What's the game?

Romeo has let loose his robots to attack the PJ Masks base, thus, players must work and plan together to keep the robots away from HQ, whilst simultaneously disabling Romeo's evil Lab.

This is really a fun game, slightly different as you have to work together as a team rather than against each other, which was nice.

How to play?

Taking it in turns, you take the top card from a deck to reveal your required move/action, as well as the options you must take; on the top part of the card is your move/action, and on the bottom half of the card is where you have to make a choice between two options.

The top portion of the card will advance the color of one of the robots towards the PJ Masks base - the bottom portion gives players two options. These options are either to move one of the PJ Masks a number of spaces to remove off the robots and stop them advancing towards the PJ Masks base, or the other option is to deal a hit point to Romeo's lab - knocking one number down per hit.

Players work together deciding which PJ Mask to move and when. If any robot makes it to the base, Romeo wins and the players lose. Otherwise, if the players manage to get the Lab down to 0 energy (starting from 7 energy), the players win.

PJ Masks Team Heroes Board Game is great for encouraging team work, and using observation skills, as well as tragical skill, and its' all done in a fun way!

Fab game. 

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