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Peppa Pig Blogger Ambassador Bundle

Peppa Pig Blogger Ambassador Bundle

We love Peppa Pig, and we thoroughly enjoy being a Peppa Pig Blogger Ambassador. You can see from our summer bundle we received this year we got to test and try some amazing Peppa toys. And, we were super lucky to be sent this amazing new bundle, full of Peppa Pig goodies.

The range we received in this pack is great, theres books, to board games to cute bedding and much more:

Peppa Pig Winter Wonderland Junior Duvet Set, from Character World - this is a lovely bedding set, it's fun and reflects the festive season (Peppa and George are decorating a Christmas Tree). Included in the set is a duvet cover and matching pillow case. RRP £15.99.

Peppa Pig Jump and Squeak is loads of fun! Much like a pogo stick, but instead made from durable foam - Summer has jumped around on it for hours on end - although the squeaking is annoying, Summer loves it.

Peppa Pig Skittles Set. This is a lovely wooden Skittle set. Packaged in a house-shaped box and consists of 6 solid wooden skittles, each one illustrated with a different Peppa Pig character. Included is a yellow wooden ball.

RRP £20, by  Milly & Flynn.

Summer loves her new Singing Princess Peppa. It's a fun interactive teddy that sings to you when you hold her hands. 

It's super cuddly too. 

Guess Who. What a fab game, I loved playing this when I was a kid, and really enjoyed playing it with my kids.  Unfortunately, the boards are a bit fiddly and one small knock and all the doors close - which was frustrating at times, but we still had fun.

RRP £15.99.

Milly and Flynn toy, the Peppa Pig Double-sided Magnetic Playset RRP £12. The magnetic board is double sided and includes 30 magnetic pieces which can be placed on either side to create Peppa Pig scenes.

Summer enjoys playing with this, creating her own scenes and using her imagination.

Alphaphonics Campervan - Summer loves this interactive toy. It features fun games to help learn the alphabet and how to spell. Each button lights up and features different words and sounds to make learning interesting.  

RRP: £19.99

Christmas Post Book - This book is packed full of Christmas fun. It includes six envelopes containing a Christmas card to fill in, decorations to make, a little book of Christmas recipes and so much more! Summer's had loads of fun playing with this book, she's really enjoyed it.

RRP £12.99

The Peppa Pig Christmas stationary (Colouring Set & Sticker Pad) - It's a lovely set and a great way to encourage the kids to have some colouring and sticker fun.

Peppa Pig Monopoly Junior - Is great fun to get your kids into Monolopy - everyone loves Monopoly, now you can do it in Peppa Pig's style.  A more simplified version, it allows you to play together as a family with the little ones. 

RRP £19.99

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