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A Peeka Puffs Adventure

A Peeka Puffs Adventure

This weekend we took our Peeka Puffs on an adventure.

Every week we take our lovely dogs for a walk, and often my sister in law comes along too and they bring their gorgeous dog.  Lately, my mother in law has been coming as well and it has turned out to be a weekend family adventure - we even planning on buying my mum in law wellies.

Our walk was rather muddy this weekend, with all that rain lately, but still, we had a fantastic afternoon.

Ruby and Summer brought their Peeka Puffs along with usk We often come to the Lound Lakes, It's our favourite place to go on our walks - it offers a mix of habitats, from the beautiful open lakes to the lowland grassland fields, the woodlands and beautiful tracks. Each time we visit we discover some new and exciting wildlife.

And this weekend we shared that experience with our Peeka Puffs.

We found these gorgeous, but poisonous cool red mushroom (called the Fly Agaric mushroom). We find lots of different coloured mushrooms on our walks, from orange mushroom to jet black ones, the kids love discovering things when we are out and about.

The dogs loved the Peeka Puffs.

All these leafs, the woods is so beautiful and magical this time of the year. There is a couple of trees the kids love to climb, but it was too damp this weekend and too slippery.  Instead, they climbed a hale bay. (kids love to climb)

Time for a rest and a cuddle.

With their Peeka Puffs the kids climbed a hale bay.

We are already looking forward to next weeks adventure.

What are Peeka Puffs?

Peeka Puffs are the fuzzy cuddly adorable toy and they love to pop. You can pop your Peeka Puff to reveal its smiling hidden face from within its fur, and then it pops out again to hide it away. Included is a comb and hair bow so you can keep all that fuzziness tidy and styled.  

A simple toy, that is fun to play. There are 3 to collect, blue, purple and pink.

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