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Oonies and Orbeez Review

Oonies and Orbeez Review


We’ve been extremely lucky to have been sent both the Oonies starter pack and a bunch of Orbeez to review. Both of which, the kids absolutely loved and had tons of fun with.

You can see both reviews below.


Everything you need to make your own Oonies is included in the starter box.

The Oonies starter pack includes:

  • the inflator machine

  • 30 Oonies pellets

  • 6 Oonie connectors

  • 18 Oonie decoration pieces

  • 6 display connectors

  • 12 Oonie eyes.

Both Summer and Jacob were super excited to make their own Oonie’s. We found that it is straight forward to set-up and use. I had to load the balloon as it was slightly fiddly for the kids to do, and then I let the kids inflate it. Other than that the kids put the decoration pieces on themselves while having a ton of fun by making cute and cool creature creations - using different coloured balloons, different decorations - they had loads of fun.

It’s kept them occupied, working together, having fun, and best of all it is completely mess free - the Oonie’s do not require any type of glue as they are slightly tacky and stick together.

Jacob has displayed his creations in his bedroom, and Summer has played with hers - however, they do deflate after a while. Thus, we are already planning on buying some Oonie refills, as they definitely want to continue making more.

Age Range: 3 years+

RRP: £19.99 for the Oonies Starter Station Pack. It would make a great gift for kids, as Oonies encourages creativity and imagination.



The kids really loved the Orbeez, the big reveal

Yous simply fill them with water to reveal the pet. The concept is similar to that of the blind packs, but the Orbeez creatures are hidden in amongst all the water beads, and to reveal what creature/character you have, you simply pour water in, which (almost like magic) the beads become invisible and you can see the toy inside.

You then spin the included key in the top and make your ‘magical pet’ twirl around. You unscrew the top, poor out the water and then use the spin key again to pull out your pet.

You can use the base as a stand for the toy.

The Orbeez are fun to play and collect. Summer enjoys displaying the water filled globes in her room. These make a great gift too! RRP £5.99. Age 3+

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