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Oh Happy Day Card Kit from Stampin’ Up!

Oh Happy Day Card Kit from Stampin’ Up! is a lovely kit.  It includes bright, fun colors and patterns, and all the parts and pieces you need to make 20 unique occasion cards. It also includes a great stamp set with a black ink pad.  

When it comes to crafting, I'm definitely much more experienced with basic kids arts and crafts, and when it comes to the crafting for adults, I don't have so much experience. Thus, this set is perfect for people like me, amateur crafters, i.e. beginners or people that like to dabble in a bit of crafting now and then. The kit is super easy to use, it's fun and the final cards look amazing.  All you have to do is follow the included instructions, or if you like, do your own thing - it doesn't matter with this kit.

The pieces are numbered for each card, to make it easy to determine which ones you need to create your card - or you could do what I did and let your creativity flow and create your own cards.

Afterwards, you will have unique, home-made occasions cards that you can proudly give to friends and family.

RRP for the kit is £31.50  which is fantastic value.  The kit arrives in a lovely gift box, thus, this would make a lovely gift either to treat yourself or someone else.


It's easy to position the clear photopolymer greetings on the corresponding shapes or to fit them in windowed shapes since you can see through them.

These double sided sticky pads, perfect to stick your Die-cut shapes onto your card.

Envelopes are included for your individually created cards.

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