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Num Noms Halloween #SpookySenses!

Num Noms Halloween #SpookySenses!


Num Noms have really taken off in this house. Both Summer and Jacob love collecting and playing and experimenting with the different scents. They have loads of fun with Num Noms.

Num Noms are a collectible toy and each Num Nom has a unique smell. They offer different food smells which you can then stack onto each other. You can mix and match the smells to create some delicious matches. With over 5000 possible combinations! 

We were sent a series 2 pack and in the spirit of Halloween, we were invited to play the Num Noms Trick or Treat game!

The kids love a good challenge and were excited to get involved with #spookysenses.

The activity sheet is below:

We got 2 sets of 6 cups each and placed 3 yummy treats (chocolate, strawberry, and a gummy bear) and 3 yucky treats (pickled gherkin, an olive, and a cold baked bean).

It turned out that they liked the pickled gherkin, so that wasn't such a yucky treat in the end. The cold bean didn't go down too well -  I don't blame them, eeww.


We got a blind fold and mixed the cups up and each player had to choose 3 cups. They then had to eat whatever was int he cups they chose! 


We had lots of fun, laughter, and a bit of tears (Summer really wanted the strawberry and not the bean).


It's a fun challenge, the kids were well up for it, and maybe a little cheating was going on, but they enjoyed it.

Happy Halloween.

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