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Noddy Toyland Detective Game App


Noddy Toyland Detective Game App is a game full of storytelling, fun games, and it also allows your child to be creative.

I love Noddy, I remember watching it 20 years ago with my little brother, and then my oldest son watched and loved it when he was little and now my two youngest enjoy watching it on Milkshake. I've got the Noddy tune in my head as I write this...

And so we were excited to be reviewing Noddy's latest app. Noddy Toyland Detective Game. Noddy, his car and his friends you journey around Toyland, playing mini games and joing in on activities, collecting stickers and so much more.  You have to search for clues and solve mysteries, and once you have solved all of the clues, you see the journey you took, reading your adventures in a generated photo storybook.

Along your journey you will find some activities that include:

  • Creating music with a Pirate Band.
  • Paint and decorate Noddy’s car with different colours and patterns.
  • Jigsaw puzzles

The Noddy Toyland Detective game app has been designed with teachers, parents and children to develop a range of literacy skills and aptitudes. Created by multi-award winners Kuato Studios and Dreamworks Animation. This is a great app for your children to play. And Summer loves playing it on the iPad, it's 'great fun'.

The Noddy Toyland Detective Game App is available for downloaded on iOS and Android for £2.99.

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