New Kazoops Episodes on CBeebies #JustImagine

Monty Kazoops, the little boy with a vivid imagination and a loyal pet pig, Jimmy Jones, are back with brand new animated adventures in Kazoops, Episodes on CBeebies - which started today!

Kazoops is about Monty, a six-year-old boy who challenges life’s questions both big and small with the help of his limitless imagination and his best friend, Jimmy Jones, the family pet pig. In each episode, the duo enters make-believe worlds to challenge everyday preconceptions such as ‘do things have to be the same all the time?’ or ‘do all games really need rules?

In each episode, Monty and Jimmy use their imaginations to find ways to look differently at the world around them.  For after all, who says the world works the way grown ups think it should? Things can always be different if you just imagine.

And, over the Easter weekend we were very lucky to have watched a sneak preview of the new Kazoops episodes:

Daydreamer Monty - the episode where Monty is dreaming up wonderful ways to get a new piano upstairs, but when his family tell him that it's not feasbile, Monty wonders if daydreaming can help solve the problem - so, he imagine's a dragon flying the heavy piano up and in through the window. Ta Da! problem is solved. His family get inspired from Monty's imaginative idea and they manage to pull a piano up through the upstairs window!

Summer loves Kazoops and enjoys his adventures with his imagination.  She can't wait to watch the next episode.