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Mr Frosty

Mr Frosty


I was just as excited as the kids were when we received our very own Mr Frosty to review.

I am an 80s child, thus, I remember Mr Frosty - it was the toy to have, unfortunately, it was a toy that I never had - until now! I did say I was just as excited as the kids.

This cute and loveable snowman includes everything you need to create your own slushed ice, ice shapes and ice lollies.

To make refreshing crushed iced drinks you add ice under Mr Frosty's hat and turn the handle to crush it. The crushed ice falls into a tray in Mr Frosty's belly. You then put the crushed ice into one of the little dishes and add your favourite juices. You can add the juice in the squeezy penguin and then squeeze the juice into your crushed up ice, and enjoy with either a straw or one of the spoons.  

You can watch our fun video below, where the kids created their very own iced treats with Mr Frosty:

RRP £19.99 you can buy Mr Frosty via Smyths Toys and The Entertainer.  For more information about Mr Frosty and other products in Flair’s range of creative products you can visit: www.coolcreateclub.co.uk

My Frosty also comes with ice lolly molds and ice cube trays allowing you to make your own delicious frozen treats.

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