Morlands Glastonbury Slippers

I work from home full-time, which means for me, I am in my slippers pretty much all day every day, all year round. Only when I go out do I put my shoes on. My slippers are my work shoes. 

With the walking I do around my house, in my garden, on the slippery decking, and on the slabs – a good pair of slippers are critical in my daily life.

Tired of cheap and cheerful fuzzy ones, ones that never stay on, or are not robust enough, i.e. that last a few months before they are ready for the bin.  I knew it was time to invest in a decent pair of slippers.

The perfect pair: Morelands Ladies Sheepskin Ballerina Slippers. They are divine, cosy, and stylish.

Made from luxury suede with a stunning print. On the front is a pretty bow, which I don't like as the bow never stays tied up, and I often trip over it - I think I will probably cut the bow off. The slippers are lined with the Morlands’ signature sheepskin, which is simply divine and cosy to wear - the slippers snug your feet and keep them warm and comfortable.  

The Morelands Ladies Sheepskin Ballerina Slippers are a very well made pair of slippers. They are robust and will stand the test of time, unlike cheaper slippers.  I wear them mostly indoors, but also in the garden, to the garage, in the car (when dropping my teen off to college, I don't have to get out of the car, so I keep my slippers on). They have a slightly elevated suede sole featuring a half-inch heel, making them very stylish.

These are the perfect slippers.