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Meccano 10 in 1 Rally Racer

Meccano 10 in 1 Rally Racer

Meccano 10 in 1 Rally Racer review.

We love anything to do with 'building' and we especially love Meccano, we enjoy the challenge Meccano sets offer. We like to display our finished sets in the play room as it gives a good sense of achievement and allows the kids to proudly show-off their hard work.   

We were sent the Meccano 10 in 1 Rally Racer set for review which we were excited to do.

Included in the 10 in 1 Rally Racer set:

  • 159 metal and plastic parts
  • 2 tools
  • Meccablock motor (3xAAA batteries are required which are not included - and put these in first before you build it, otherwise it is fiddly to get them in)
  • Easy-to-follow visual instructions (for three of the ten models) 

There are a total of ten different builds that you can choose to build from this one set! Three of which are included in the instructions booklet, the other seven models can be found online. The instructions are really clear, they give a visual of each step as well as an exact scale of the screw/s you need so that we can easily identify them, the two tools included work really well, especially as Meccano can be fiddly in some parts of the build - some of the parts are very small.

We've built one of the models thus far and are looking forward to deconstructing this model and building a different variation out of the 10 possible models with this set - that is one of the many joys of Meccano, you can take the model apart and rebuild it as and when you please, you can also play with the model and/or display in with pride.

Meccano 10 in 1 Rally Racer is suitable for aged 8+ with a novice difficulty level 2, with a construction time of 1-3 hours and is a great starter kit, or a small project for Meccano lovers. RRP of £19.99

Self-Service Supermarket from Casdon

Self-Service Supermarket from Casdon