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Meccano Meccaspider


Woooo, this is probably one of the coolest toys we have received. It's big, it's bold, it's a futuristic creepy crawly! And, Jacob absolutely loves it.

What is Meccaspider?

It's Meccano, thus, you have the fun and fulfilment of not only building it, but you also get to play with it...it’s an interactive robot and incredibly cool.

Building it

This robotic kit encourages kids to develop skills in science, technology, engineering, and mathematics - STEM. 

On the Gadget Show episode where they reviewed the Meccaspider, they mentioned 2-hours to put together, but, it took us a couple of more hours than that - that isn't a bad thing as we thoroughly enjoyed building it.

We managed to put it together with the aid of the visual guide booklet.

Playing with it

It's controlled by an App. We downloaded the app on both my iPhone and on Jacob's iPad, easy to set up and connect to your Meccaspider and in no-time, Jacob was controlling (much like an RC) the Meccaspider, and having fun with it.

With the app you can control sound, direction, even the lights with the app, and squirt on demand!

In attack function, Meccaspider will spurt out water. Jacob was skirting the dogs and us. It also has integrated games, that give hours and hours of fun.

Using the App to control it, Jacob is able to direct it all over the house, also, he was able to set up a track and let it follow the track around the house, without having to control it.

With options like guard mode, attack mode and built-in game modes, the customizable robot spider toy is full of surprises.


It has a few built-in games.  You sit down in a circle as Meccaspider walks around, and the first one to move is to get sprayed!  Another game involves copy light sequences. There are a few more fun games too.

The Meccano MeccaSpider is for kids aged 10+ and would make the perfect gift.

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