Meccano Ducati

My kids love building and constructing toys, whether it is with Lego, gluing scale models or cardboard boxes. Constructing and making toys is super fun. It's good to get the kids working with their hands, using their brain, and their concentration, along with a bit of their imagination. Thus, when we were sent the new Meccano Ducati build and play, we were super excited to give it a go. This is our first time with a Meccano toy and we weren't disappointed.

From the partnership with Meccano and the iconic Ducati bikes comes the Monster 1200 S. A build and play toy which is a uniquely reproduced 25cm x 12cm model of the Monster 1200S. With working steering, suspension, a functional kickstand, side mounted double exhausts, coil-spring suspension, and real steering, it's nearly as good as having the real thing!

Kit includes:

  • 292 pieces (mostly metal pieces)
  • Tools included
  • Contains steel girders, plates, nuts, bolts and wheels etc.
  • Step by step Instructions

Building the Ducati Monster 1200 S. was an enjoyable challenge, and even though the pictured instructions are clear and helpful we still ended up attaching some incorrect parts a couple of times and we had to go back and remove and reattach the correct parts - but that was part of the fun.  The tiny screws and bolts can be fiddly at times, there are a lot of pieces and it was complicated in places to build, so it does require concentration, patience and dexterity. 

Once finished, there is a huge sense of accomplishment and satisfaction, the model has amazing attention to detail: the vivid red which you associate with Ducati, to the little rear light - it looks amazing and my son has placed it proudly on his shelf in his bedroom where he can enjoy it.

Suitable for age 10 years and up RRP £30. This would make a lovely gift too.